March 03, 2015



Congratulations to 
Rev. Larry L. Graham
on his 
December 9, 2014 
Christ For The Nations
Dallas, Texas
It was a memorable evening shared with our dear friend and CFN Fellowship of Ministers and Churches sponsor,
Rev. Terri Neal
Sceptre Alliance Ministries.
Joining us was
Julie Mikolazyk, Pat's long time friend from
Fall River, MA.
It is a great honor to be associated with CFN - FMC
About CFN - FMC

Christ for the Nations Fellowship of Ministers and Churches (CFNFMC), formerly known as the Alumni Ministers’ Fellowship, was founded in 1991 to provide an avenue for licensed and ordained alumni to network with fellow alumni ministers.  In December 2000, the CFNFMC Presbyters voted to allow non-alumni ministers to receive credentials from CFN as well as allowing ministries and churches to come under the umbrella of CFN through affiliation with the Fellowship of Ministers and Churches. 


CFNFMC was established to provide spiritual covering, pastoral care, mutual accountability, ministry resource and fellowship for its credential holders, affiliated churches and ministries which ascribe to the vision and mission of the fellowship.  


The mission of CFNFMC is to be a fellowship of people who have purposed to be faithful in stimulating one another to glorify God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, and to obey Christ’s mandate to preach the Gospel and to make disciples of all nations. We are committed to serving and equipping our members in carrying out their respective missions; to license and ordain qualified ministers, local church elders and leaders in the body of Christ; and to be a covering for local churches and ministries who decide to affiliate with CFNFMC.


The CFNFMC holds to the Statement of Faith espoused by Christ For The Nations, while recognizing the diversity of beliefs among Spirit-filled Christians of Scriptural integrity.  Therefore, we open the arms of this fellowship to include and embrace all who hold to the foundational truths of the Christian faith.


The Presbyters Board, a group of 21 men and women, constitutes the Board of Directors of the CFN FMC.

The Executive Board of the FMC, consisting of the FMC president, Rod Groomer, Dr. Sidney Westbrook, Rev. Johnny Moffitt, Rev. John Hollar, and Rev. Chris Juhl, secretary/treasurer, meets regularly to address concerns of the membership.



Voice of Healing Conference held at Christ for the Nations Institute

September 25-28, 2013

Our lives were challenged as God moved mightily in our midst.

Guest speakers included Dutch Sheet, author, teacher and conference speaker encourages believers to contend for an awakening and reformation in our life time.

Heidi Baker, PhD and her husband, Rolland are missionaries to Mozambique, Africa.

Dr. Sandra KennedyUnder the inspiration of God, Pastor Sandra established The Healing Center, a wonderful place where the Word of God is exalted, the healing power of God is manifested and the love and compassion of Christ is demonstrated.

Our first, of many to come, conferences at Christ For The Nations, Dallas, Texas

Larry at CFN pointing to Kenya in anticipation of our upcoming trip.
( which was November 2013)

Dynamic Worship as the Holy Spirit moved in very tangible ways.

Dutch Sheets moving message
An Appeal to Heaven

Heidi Baker

sharing her husband's
incredible physical healing.


Larry & Pat Graham

Sceptre Alliance Ministries

Broken Clay Ministries
Mission Kenya 2013

Sceptre Alliance Ministries is honored to endorse the Kenyan missions outreach of Larry and Pat Graham. Also, to endorse their ministry, Broken Clay Ministries.

They are strategic builders of His Kingdom and Prophetic proclaimers of people’s destinies.

Larry is a revelatory preacher and equipper while Pat is a passionate teacher and prayer warrior; they are harvester of souls. They love His Kingdom, care for His body and have a passion for the Nations!

With their wealth of experience they are friends and encourager to many of God’s People! But most importantly, they are Friends of God!

Rev. Terri Neal - President and Co-founder Sceptre Alliance Ministries, Inc.


We believe that you have stopped by our site by pine appointment. Inside you will find resources that will help you understand what we believe as Christians. You’re invited to get to know Broken Clay Ministries.

We'd like to pray for your needs and share your testimonies. Our blog allows you to ask questions or to introduce a subject for discussion.

We are but clay vessels, fashioned by the hands of God. Open your heart wide and invite Him to mold and shape your life. He will make smooth all of the rough places, remove all of the impurities and fill you to overflowing with His goodness.

Broken Clay Ministries Joins hands with
Angels of East Africa
During our recent mission outreach to Uganda we
saw first-hand the desperate needs of children who live in the sprawling slums of Kampala. We are joining hands with
Angels of East Africa in accepting donations for a feeding program targeting
Christian schools. For many of the children the only meal they will have is the one provided at the school they attend. In addition, we are working with local pastors in providing leadership training. These pastors are reaching out to the children and families in the slums. Parents, grateful for the educational opportunities and food their
children receive, are being drawn into the churches,  where many have been
With additional resources we will be funding the projects of Angels of East Africa as they continue their amazing outreach in So. Sudan, Uganda and Ethiopia.
Angels of East Africa now has six orphanages and is feeding 5000 meals a day to those in need. With years of experience in Uganda, So. Sudan and Ethiopia, Broken Clay Ministries is honored to join
 Larry Graham’s
step-brother, Sam Childers of Angels of East Africa. Our association with this well recognized ministry will give us the added advantage of their expertise, developed in over 18 years in the country, and the ability of buying food items in bulk for distribution to the schools we hope to assist.  As resources become available we will be supporting the projects of
Angels of East Africa.

More on
Angels of East Africa

Since 1986, Angels of East Africa has rescued over 50,000 boys and girls have been abducted in Northern Uganda and parts of
South Sudan by the rebel group known as the LRA. Because these children carry the physical, emotional, and psychological reminders of the violence they have
lived through in dealing with the aftermath of war, their generation is known as the generation of “stolen childhoods.”

Sam Childers, founder of the Non-Profit
"Angels of East Africa" and author of Another Man's War: The True
Story of One Man's Battle to Save Children in the Sudan.
The subject of the 2011 movie Machine Gun Preacher, Sam has helped these children to heal and grow into healthy young people by rescuing them, caring for them, and protecting them in an orphanage he has built on the border of
Uganda and South Sudan. The orphanage provides a safe place where Sam and his workers can care for the children, dress their wounds, transport them to
hospitals, and provide food, clothing, counseling, basic schooling, etc.

This orphanage provides a safe, guarded place to raise these orphans, educate them and give them the happy childhood that they deserve, free from the fear of possible abduction. Once
they reach adulthood they are given the opportunity to attend an on-site trade
school to learn the skills required to be mechanics, carpenters or
seamstresses. Some get jobs on local farms - giving them the practical know-how needed to flourish in life - while others attend college in the city of Kampala.

We know that you have many opportunities to give
to multiple organizations and ministries worldwide. With that in mind we sincerely thank you for
considering giving to Broken Clay Ministries.
Your tax-deductible contribution will provide a life sustaining meal for
a child and empower local pastors to fulfill the call of God on their lives.



With an exciting opportunity to train pastors and lay
ministers Larry & Pat Graham travelled to Kampala, Uganda on December 25, 2014.
Kenya 2013 -Testimonies

We rejoice as testimonies reach us in response to all that the Holy Spirit did during our recent trip to Kenya. The following is a letter we recently received from a dear brother, Pastor Joram Wamalwa, Prince of Peace Worship Center, Sikhendu, Kenya. 

Dear Servants of The Lord,  arry and Pat, we loved you the day we first met you in Kakamega, Kenya.

The Lord used you mightily in the Widows Conference. One of the widows, Sister Gladys, from our church in Sikhendu, received an answer to her prayer request as you prayed for her. She had no home and after the conference, she was offered a residence in a specious plot. Ever since you were in our Church we have experienced rapid growth of membership and spiritual maturity. 

There was prophetic anointing at the washing of the feet .My wife Rev. Noel Wamalwa, who had a heart surgery a year ago and was still feeling internal pain, received healing, she has never complained since then. Sister Fridah Amutabi, your interpreter and the leader of widows in C.E.C. Ministries has improved so much in the skills of interpretation. This confirms what the bible says that signs shall follow them that believe, will lay their hands on the sick and they will recover.                          

My Bishop, Peter James Onguko and his wife Susan trust you so much and they recommend you to us to pray, work and explore the kingdom for the Glory of God. We yearn to see you back at the Prince of Peace, as soon as possible.

I believe this message will receive a response from you.

Rev. Joram Wamalwa, Pastor 

Prince of Peace Worship Center

   Mission Kenya 2013

Our outreach was under the ministry of Bishop Peter and Susan Onguko of Africa For Christ Evangelical Association. Our lives are greatly enriched by the friendship that quickly developed with these amazing servants of the Lord. Their compassion and tireless ministry in Kenya is making a tremendous impact.

There is a resounding greeting that vibrates in Kenya - Welcome! It started with the customs agent that processed our visas and was repeated many times during our stay.

We were welcomed indeed to this amazing country by the Onguko Family who greatly cared for all of our needs, as they introduced us to the work of the Lord in Kenya.

Bishop Peter & Susan Onguko

The focus of our ministry was three fold to reach out to widows, the elderly and church leadership.

2013 Widow's Conference

Kakamega, Kenya

Praying for Widow's

The plight of widows is heart wrenching and greatly disturbing. They are shunned by their deceased husband's family, they are harassed and threatened and forced to abandon their homes and curses by witch doctors haunt them. What was their crime? The death of their husband.

A strong tribal-family culture dictates that the property of a male reverts back to his family and no regard is given to a widow or her children. Although the Kenyan Constitution gives a woman the right of inheritance of her home and property, most do not have the knowledge, finances or the emotional strength to fight for their rights. Along with their children they are forced into a life of poverty. We had the honor of ministering at a Widow's Conference and we visibly saw the difference in their lives as they accepted Jesus and allowed His compassion to touch them. They left as victors not victims. They knew they were important and special in the eyes of God!

Visiting the Elderly

We walked along a muddy path that led to a cluster of mud huts where we had the honor of meeting some of these precious ladies. We noted how frail they were.

Age related restrictions strip them of the ability to walk any distance for socialization. With little human contact loneliness creeps in.

Their needs are held in the compassionate hearts of Bishop and Susan Onguko, who have not forgotten them. As resources allow, Susan Onguko visits these precious ladies bringing them food served up with warm fellowship. The love that flows from Susan's heart is tangible and we had the honor of walking in her footsteps! As we handed out small packages of food we noted how tightly they held their treasure.

Jesus loves these precious ladies and it was privilege to pray for them, to hold them, to let them know that He cares for their needs.

2013 Leadership Conference

Larry preached powerful and uncompromising messages to challenge pastors, lay leadership and their congregations. With a strong emphasis to not corrupt biblical truths with cultural influences reinforcing the local congregations responsibility to remove the stigma on widows and their children.

Lives were transformed, many experienced salvation, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, deliverance, physical healings, answers to various needs.

Mark 16:17-18

17 These [a]signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues; 18 they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to minister to the beautiful people of Kenya.....and,

Just as we'd heard, once you visit, Africa will remain in your heart forever!


Together we can make a difference!

I had just finished my breakfast and there was a small piece of sausage left on my plate, as I scrapped it off into the garbage disposal, my thoughts went back to my childhood days. I remembered my mother saying to me, “eat everything on your plate, they’re starving kids in the world.” I was one of the “clean your plate” kids. I never missed a meal or ever wondered where my next meal would come from.

Each morning far too many Kenyan children start the day without breakfast and for most there will be no school lunch yet daily they will walk down a dirt path on their way to school barefooted filled with hope for a better future.

Then, as I was praying, I was overcome with a great feeling of compassion for the Kenyan people as the Lord showed me children waking up with nothing to eat. As I type this note, I have tears running down my face saying, Lord what can I do? I can’t feed the world. The Lord responded, “just as I save each soul one at the time, feed my children, one at the time.”

In over 30 years of ministry I have never had the Lord move on me in this way. I appeal to each of you to search your hearts and see what you can do to help us feed one child at a time. Together we can make a difference!

Broken Clay Ministries is a non-profit 501c3 ministry. Your secure donation may be made by selecting the CONNECT tab on the top of the page and GIVE in the drop box. If you prefer to donate by check our address is Broken Clay Ministries, 5868 Westheimer Road, No. 114, Houston, TX 77057. Your donation will generate a receipt for your records. Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

Update-September 13, 2012

Mission Kenya 2013 is full steam ahead with a departure date of October 19th.Larry and I had our immunizations yesterday and survived! We will be teaching 6 sessions each for a Widow's Conference and a Leadership Cconference for pastors and church leaders.

There is a great need to raise $3000 to help with feeding 300+ participants, provide transportation for some pastors and also lodging. Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a widow or pastor for these events.

Broken Clay Ministries is a non-profit 501c3ministry. Your secure donation may be made by selecting the CONNECT tab on the top of the page and GIVE in the drop box. Your donation will generate a receipt for your records. May the Lord bless you for prayerfully considering this need.

Mission Kenya Countdown!

In just a few weeks we will fly to Nairobi, Kenya, connect on a flight to Kisumu and then drive to Kakamega where we will be based during our mission outreach. Please take a moment to view our updated information by selecting the Events Tab at the top the page.

Broken Clay Ministries Launches
Mission Kenya 2013

We are excited as plans are moving ahead in joining with Bishop Peter Onguko of Africa For Christ Evangelical Assn. to reach out to Kenya.

Just select the tab above to read more about our next missionary journey. Updates will be posted as they are made available.

Please join us in praying that many lives will be saved as we minister the word of God bringing a message of love, hope, healing and restoration.

A Kenyan Mother
With Her Children



Thought For The Day

Rev. Larry L. Graham

As I listen to the news, it seems that everyone wants more freedom of choice. One of the least understood processes of life is the “Power of Choice”. The issue is not having the freedom to choose but rather making right choices.

We make hundreds of choices every day and many we don’t even think about, we just do it.

Thankfully, most choices we make are benign with little influence on our lives. However, all too often this same automatic decision process is carried over to more serious choices.

Created with free will, we have the God given right to make choices in life, just as Adam and Eve had a choice in the Garden of Eden.

However, many are blinded with the fact that they have to live with the inevitable, life-altering consequences of bad choices. As a result, they are confronted with a cascading impact that creates obstacles that could have been avoided.

Therefore, it is important that we know God’s word, seek Godly counsel, pray and give a great deal of thought to the choices we make. There is ONE major choice that each of us will be confronted with, the choice of accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Savior or denying Him. There are huge consequences to this choice. Acceptance brings eternal life, the joy of an intimate relationship with Jesus and so much more. Denial brings eternal death and living in a world without the blessings of God.

What will you do with Jesus?

Deut 30:19-20 AMP

19… I have set before you life and death, the blessings and the curses; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live.

20And may love the Lord your God, obey His voice, and cling to Him. For He is your life and the length of your days.

Do you know him? read more.