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Posted by June Onguko-Matindu on 09-Aug-2013 at 20:17:41 EST
Subject: Witness

I met Pat and Larry a few days ago and was humbled and challenged by the brokenness, passion and love for God. Their willingness to answer the call of God upon their lives was unlike anything l have seen. I am extremely excited as they prepare for the Kenya Mission, for l know God has a great purpose for sending them to the that field, at such a time as this with the message of Salvation and Hope.Looking forward to great testimonies. <br>Love June.

Posted by Hunter Conner on 17-Jun-2013 at 12:54:31 EST
Subject: testamony

Before brother Larry came I was lost and walked away from the lord. I got saved in the last revival before he came. That Sunday when he came during the morning service I went to the altar to pray and the Lord told me he wanted me to be in the ministry. Then when brother Larry was giving the word though out that week I learned a lot. He told me how the bible said to guest say no to the devil and sin.<br>The Friday of that week I was filled with the Holy Ghost again for the first time in along time and the Lord told me he wanted me to be a Pastor. I don't know what kind or where God wants me to be but I am a willing soul and I'll do it for the Glory of Jesus Christ. Also I'm only 15 about to be16 and its never to early or to late when comes to God